Holistic Health Experts


Rhonda Spellman -  Cold Laser Technician, Allergy Antidote Practitioner


Cold Laser Technician, Allergy Antidote Practitioner


Rhonda was born and raised in Colorado. She moved with her family to Iowa in 2012 where they fell in love with the people and the state right away. Her husband Andy and sons Tanner and Oliver enjoy country along with two rescue cats, Stella and Sabra, and one dog, Bella.

Her journey into the world of natural health started when her son Tanner was vaccine injured in 2001. Finding help and a better answer resulted in the publishing of her international award-winning book, "The Journey Home from Autism" and much more! 

Her pediatrician nominated her for inclusion into the Who’s Who in the Medical Industry for this book based on 7,000 logged hours of research. Her passion is helping others, especially those living with mental, emotional or physical pain. 

If you aren’t familiar with cold laser therapy and the many benefits of this FDA approved treatment, schedule a free consultation with Rhonda that will include a 10 minute cold laser treatment soon. Learn more about Rhonda’s additional books and programs here:  www.RhondaSpellman.com 


Bethany Glommen Angel - Massage Therapist

Licenced Massage Therapist


Bethany Glommen-Angel joined Nourish in 2018 after working for a local chiropractor for six years. She specializes in cupping, deep tissue, pre-natal, oil treatments, chair massage and more. Clients who have been with her for years can’t say enough about the extra effort she puts in to addressing their physical discomfort She is able to come to your events with 

her massage chair.

Book now for a 15 – 120-minute massage you won’t soon forget! Your body will thank you! 


Steve Potter - Massage Therapist & Aromatherapist

Licensed Massage Therapist & Aromatherapist

 Steven Potter joined Nourish in 2018 after working at another location for over a year. He offers many massage options to include Swedish, cupping, cold / hot stones, headache / sinus services, ear candling, reflexology, and chakra balancing. Steven is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the massage field and is also an aromatherapist. He and his business partner, Teri Carmicheal, manage a store front that features many of their own homeopathic remedies such as: oils, spices, herbs, stones and jewelry designs. 


Patti Lammert Jay - Nourish Event Planner

Nourish Event Planner  

Patti is a Marshalltown native and recently joined Nourish. She has been a pinnacle part of the Marshalltown community and has worked with Lennox for 16 years. She has four sons, now all grown up and still an active part of her life. Patti is smart, fun and the kind of friend that books are written about (just ask any of her many friends!)

Working with our oxygen bar and other experts at Nourish, Patti can assist you and your group with planning an event at Nourish (8 – 30 people) or at your location (10 – unlimited). We are licensed for the state of Iowa.


Teri Carmichael -  Aromatherapist, Chakra Balancing

 Aromatherapist, Chakra Balancing

Teri joined Nourish in 2018 along with her business partner, Steven Potter. She is a native of the Marshalltown area and grew up studying herbs, oils, aromatherapy and other natural remedies. She creates most of their oil blends and is an expert resource for those wanting to learn more about this field.


Dorothy Hume - Wellness Coach

 Heart Rhythm Meditation Instructor 


Dorothy is the KIX 101.1 / 1230 KFJB Traffic Director in Marshalltown. She has worked with helping people to recover from a vast array of issues for most of her life. She worked in the medical field in a variety of roles for 21 years. With Heart Rhythm Meditation she helps individuals and groups to find peace, hope and focus from a Christian platform.

Contact us at Nourish for more information at 641-752-926


Heather Merrill - Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor


Heather recently joined Nourish. She has been studying Yoga for three years and teaching for over one.Yoga is a way of life for Heather and 

her passion for teaching shines through.

 Heather is originally from Arizona. She has been studying Yoga for several years and teaching for nearly two years. She joined Nourish in 2018 and teaches 1 ½ hour classes on Mondays at 5:30 pm and Saturdays at 9 am.


Kylie Peter - Esthetician


Kylie Peter has been an Esthetician since 2010, a Health/Wellness/Fitness coach since 2011 and a Cosmetologist since 2012. She is multi-talented and available by appointment only.

Kylie will be participating with Spa Day events at Nourish. Her Glow on the Go Facial (30 mins $30) is rejuvenating and a good introduction to her facial services. This service features cleanse, exfoliation, mask and hydration. For more information, contact Kylie today: 641-691-5667


Melissa Marks - Event Planner

Nourish Event Planner

Melissa, aka Jersey girl, relocated to Marshalltown so many years ago that those of us who know and love her consider her a native. Melissa has worked with special needs people and is a CDAC provider. She joined Nourish this year to work with events and people with special needs. When it comes to bringing people together, she is a natural and, as a team player, she works with you to prepare the most successful event – no matter what your theme is.

Working with our oxygen bar and other experts at Nourish, Patti can assist you with planning

 your next event.


Kelci Beaty - Color Street Nail Technician

Color Street Nail Technician

Kelci Beaty is a Marshalltown native. She has worked with Color Street nails for one year. Her list of fans will enjoy her new setting at Nourish Wellness Center!

Color Street nails are 100% polish with no nail polish scent. They are quick and easy to apply and Kelci has dozens of options to choose from!

She is available by appointment only and will be participating with Spa Day events at Nourish. For more information, contact Kelci today: