Rhonda Spellman

Rhonda Spellman

CLT, AAP, CCT, Owner

I began a gut-wrenching journey searching for help in 2001 after my son’s digression from a vaccine injury. 

At 19 months old, beginning within hours after the MMR vaccine, he tragically lost his ability to talk and became a child I no longer knew or understood.

Over the next two years, 17 doctors informed me that “He’ll need to be on Ritalin” or stated, “Don’t get your hopes up.”

In 2003, an NAET doctor was the first to improve my son’s immune system by eliminating allergies he’d developed as a result of the vaccine injury. 

He improved so much, and so quickly that I had to learn more. 

She began to teach me and in 2005, I began to help others. I worked primarily with those on the autism spectrum from 2005–2011.

My 3rd book, The Journey, Home From Autism, is the story of his recovery from being vaccine injured and non-verbal. It was released in 2010 and won two international awards: an INDIE and an EVVY. 

In 2011, I discovered cold laser therapy. This is also known as red light therapy, low-level light therapy, and photobiomodulation. Adding lasers increased what I could treat and decreased all treatment times.

We relocated from Parker, CO to Marshalltown, IA In 2012. 

I volunteered at my boys’ school, worked on my children’s books, and treated friends and family with cold laser therapy from my home.

On July 8, 2016, I walked into Nourish to ask if they would post a vacation Bible school flier, and the rest is history… I began treating people a few weeks later and purchased Nourish in 2017. 

I am a certified cold laser and lipo laser technician, and an allergy antidote practitioner. My primary focuses are to use red light energy to stabilize physical, mental, and emotional pain and lipo laser light energy to shrink fat and inflamed cells. 

Everything my team and I do at Nourish is from a noninvasive, healthy perspective with no side effects.